Matrix Quiz Pack 2 SKU: MQP1

4X24 Question Quizzes that anyone can win designed to give the lesser players a chance to win.


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Matrix Quiz Pack 1


A pack of four Matrix quizzes designed to give even the lesser player / team a chance to win at a quiz night.  Nobody enjoys it when a quiz is won by the same team week in week out and so here we have a solution.

The 24 questions are read out, the quizzers jumble up their answers on their answer sheet.  The answers are then given in a jumbled order.

First team to have a string of correct answers connecting with both sides of the grid wins the quiz.

Checking is easy as they have to hand in a copy of their answers and how they have numbered their grid.

Liven up your quiz night with a matrix quiz it will keep people coming back week after week because they know that they all have a chance of winning.