4 Playable music quizzes Pack B SKU: 4mpa

Four 10 track music intro quiz which is in MP3 format, with answer sheet and QM answers click here to hear an eaxmple


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Four 10 track music intro quizzes each plays 10 music snippets for your teams to name both the artists (band, singer etc.) and the track title for a point for each.

Each track is announced and played twice for your teams to hear then after a short interval all the tracks are repeated once more and then the quiz is over.  Each quiz last between 8 and 12 minute approx.

You can load them onto your ipod, burn to a CD or use any other MP3 player to play the quizzes.

They each come with a PDF which contains and answer sheet for you to print off and hand out and of course the answers are supplied as well in the PDF.

Great for any quiz night or as part of a music themed quiz night and they allow the question master to have a break!

To hear one of the quizzes which lasts about 8 minutes please CLICK HERE - please note this is an example quiz that is in one of the packs but not necessarily this one.