12 Months of Quizzes A SKU: 12MQA

Pack "A" of quizzes contains 6 fun quizzes, 14 general knowledge quizzes each of 50 questions, 6 music intro quizzes, 16 picture quiizes this is addition to the 6 picture quizzes the fun quizzes contain.  A set of tie-break questions. Click on the picture for more details.


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This pack contains;

6 Fun Quizzes - each fun quiz has its own picture round, general knowledge round, specialist round, brain teaser question, family fortune round and its own tie-breaker question.

6 Music intro quizzes - fully playable music quizzes either download to your i-pod or burn to a cd each quiz has ten tracks of snippets of a song which play a total of 3 times each.  Each comes with own printable answer sheet.

14 General Knowledge Quizzes - yes no fewer than 14 general knowledge quizzes each of 50 question, no set rounds just mixed questions, comes with 5 spare questions and a tie breaker question.

16 Picture Quizzes - in addition to the picture quizzes that are in the fun quizzes there are 16 picture quizzes for you print off and hand out giving you plenty of choice.

1 Tie-breaker sheet - most the quizzes come with a tie-breaker question however just incase you need some more we include a sheet of additional quirky tie-breaker questions.